Fred Astaire - Absolutely Essential (Musik-CD)

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Fred Astaire - Absolutely Essential

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Fred Astaire - Absolutely Essential
60 der wichtigsten Songs von einem großartigen rundum-Entertainer des 20. Jahrhunderts, darunter Songs aus seinen berühmtesten Filmen, z. B. Top Hat, Swing Time und Easter Parade und etliche Studio-Aufnahmen mit Jazz-Atmosphäre.

Disc 1
1 Cheek to cheek
3 Top hat, white tie, and tails
4 A fine romance
5 Night and day
6 Fascinating rhythm
7 The half of it, dearie blues
8 My one and only
9 Puttin on the ritz
10 Now my girl
11 Crazy feet!
13 Flying down to Rio
14 Music makes me
15 Were in the money (The gold diggers song)
16 No strings
17 The piccolino
18 Bojangles of Harlem
19 Pick yourself up
20 Never gonna dance

Disc 2
1 Lets face the music and dance
2 They cant take that away from me
3 Im putting all my eggs in one basket
4 Let yourself go
5 Lets call the whole thing off
6 We saw sea
7 Im building up to an awful let-down
8 Id rather lead a band
9 (Ive got) beginners luck
10 Slap that bass
12 They all laughed
13 I cant be bothered now
14 Things are looking up
15 I used to be colour blind
16 The yam
17 Dream dancing
18 The wedding cake walk
19 (I aint help to that step but Ill) dig it
20 Poor Mister Chisholm

Disc 3
1 The way you look tonight
2 Change partners
3 Nice work you can gat it
4 A foggy day (in London town)
5 Love of my love
6 Me and the ghost upstairs
7 Since I kissed my baby goodbye
9 Just like taking candy from a baby
10 So near, and yet so far
11 You were never lovelier
12 Im old fashioned
13 Dearly beloved
14 Youre easy to dance with
15 I cant tell a lie
16 If swing goes, I go too
17 A couple of swells
18 The liar song
19 Steppin out with my baby
20 I wont dance

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