Brun,Ane-A Temporary Dive (Musik-CD)

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Brun,Ane-A Temporary Dive

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Brun,Ane-A Temporary Dive
A Temporary Dive - Ane Brun s second studio album was produced by Katharina Nuttall and was released in 2005 throughout Europe, the US, UK, Japan and Australia. This album took the darker themes of Spending Time With Morgan further, through songs like "The Fight Song" and title track A Temporary Dive but there was also space for the lighter Song no 6 , a duet with Ron Sexsmith. A Temporary Dive was well received all over the world, especially by the press, and it picked up many rave reviews in magazines and newspapers from Time Magazine to The Independent. She received award nominations from all over Europe too, and that year took home the Norwegian Grammy for Best Female Artist. Ane Brun is a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, born in Molde, Norway in 1976. Since 2003 she has recorded six albums, three of which are studio albums, a live dvd and a collection of duets. She has lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 2001, where she writes, records and runs her own label (Balloon Ranger Recordings). This spring 2010 she will join Peter Gabriel on his "New Blood Tour".

Disc 1
1 To Let Myself Go
2 Rubber & Soul
3 Balloon Ranger
4 My Lover Will Go
5 Temporary Dive
6 Laid In Earth
7 This Voice
8 Where Friends Rhymes With End
9 Song No.6 (Feat. Ron Sexsmith)
10 The Fight Song
11 Half Open Door ( Previously Unreleased Bonus Track)

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