Devils Jump (Indie Label Blues 1946-1957) - JSP JSP 77164
Devils Jump (Indie Label Blues 1946-1957) - JSP JSP 77164 - (Musik / Titel: A-G)

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Devils Jump (Indie Label Blues 1946-1957)

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Product Information JSP s Devil s Jump compiles four CDs with 100 tracks containing a mixture of both rare and classic blues recorded between 1946-1957, on several indie blues labels of the era such as King, Deluxe, Okeh, and Jubilee. Highlighted throughout this set are 20 previously unissued recordings by Jimmie Gordon, Johnny Temple, Smokey Hogg, John Lee Hooker, Kid Thomas, Lee Brown, and Eddie Kirkland. These historic recordings have been remastered, and the majority of this material sounds decent as most JSP sets do. The liner notes are informative, listing personnel, dates, and concise history without going on ad nauseum. Since this is a budget-priced set, it is highly recommended for both the blues novice and collector.

Disc 1
1 Lee Brown: Horse Shoe Boogie
2 Lee Brown: Ruby Moore Blues
3 Memphis Slim: Little Mary
4 Memphis Slim: Cheatin Around
5 Jimmie Gordon: Rock That Boogie
6 Jimmie Gordon: Fast Life
7 Detroit Count: Hastings Street Opera Pt 1
8 Detroit Count: Hastings Street Opera Pt 2
9 John Lee Hooker: Stomp Boogie
10 John Lee Hooker: Whos Been Jiving You
11 Robert Richard: Wig wearing woman
12 Robert Richard: New York Central
13 John Lee Hooker: Black Man Blues
14 John Lee Hooker: Poor Joe
15 Baby Boy Warren: Forgive me darling
17 Country Paul: Since I Seen Your Smiling Face
18 Country Paul: Your Picture Done Faded
19 John Lee: Blinds blues
20 John Lee: Slappin The Boogie
21 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Keep A-Walkin Tk 1
22 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Keep A-Walkin Tk 2
23 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Your Little Wagon
24 Eddie Kirkland: Mistreated Woman Tk 1
25 Eddie Kirkland: Mistreated Woman Tk 2

Disc 2
1 Jimmie Gordon: Mistreated Blues
2 Jimmie Gordon: I Aint Like That No More
3 Lee Brown: New Little Girl, Little Girl
4 John Lee Hooker: Nightmare Blues
5 John Lee Hooker: Late Last Night
6 Memphis Slim: Lend me your love
7 Memphis Slim: Pacemaker boogie
8 John Lee Hooker: Wandering Blues
9 John Lee Hooker: Dont Go Baby
10 Memphis Slim: Slims boogie
11 Memphis Slim: A letter home
12 Country Paul: Aint It Sad
13 Country Paul: One More Time
14 John Lee: Down At The Depot
15 Various Artists: Albama Boogie
16 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Penny Pinchin Mama
17 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Do It No More
18 Ralph Willis: Gonna Hop On Down The Line
19 Ralph Willis: Do Right
20 Robert Henry: Somethings Wrong With My Little Machine
21 Robert Henry: Old battle ax
22 Eddie "Guitar" Burns: Hello Miss Jessie Lee
23 Eddie "Guitar" Burns: Dealing with the devil
24 Eddie Kirkland: No Shoes Tk 1
25 Eddie Kirkland: No Shoes Tk 12

Disc 3
1 Lee Brown: Low Land Blues
2 Lee Brown: Round The World Boogie
3 Jimmie Gordon: My Babys Acting Funny
4 Jimmie Gordon: Its My Time To Go
5 John Lee Hooker: Devils Jump
6 John Lee Hooker: Im Gonna Kill That Woman
7 Walter Mitchell: Stop Messing Around
8 Walter Mitchell: Pet milk blues
9 John Lee Hooker: Moanin blues
10 John Lee Hooker: The Numbers
11 Robert Richard: Root Hog
12 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Gone Gone Gone
13 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Baby Dont Leave
14 Memphis Slim: Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
15 Memphis Slim: Life Is Like That
16 John Lee: Baby Blues
17 John Lee: In My Fathers House
18 Country Paul: Mother Dear Mother
19 Country Paul: Side Walk Boogie
20 Robert Henry: Early In The Morning
21 Robert Henry: Miss Anna B
22 Ralph Willis: Door Bell Blues
24 Johnny Wright: Boogie Baby
25 Johnny Wright: 54 blues

Disc 4
1 Jimmie Gordon: That Womans A Pearl Diver
2 Jimmie Gordon: Jumping at the club blue flame
3 Johnny Temple: Chain Gang Blues
4 Johnny Temple: I Believe Ill Go Downtown Again
5 Johnny Temple: Dixie Flyer
6 Memphis Slim: Nobody Loves Me (Alt)
7 Memphis Slim: Midnight jump
8 Detroit Count: Hastings Street Woogie Man
9 Detroit Count: Detroit Boogie
10 John Lee Hooker: Heart Trouble Blues
11 John Lee Hooker: Slims Stomp
12 Eddie Kirkland: Please Dont Think Im Nosey
13 Eddie Kirkland: Time For Lovin To Be Done
14 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: Up And Down
15 Andrew "Smokey" Hogg: I Aint Got Over It Yet
16 Country Paul: Ill Never Walk In Your Door
17 Country Paul: Black Cat Trail
18 John Lee Hooker: I came to see you baby
19 John Lee Hooker: Im a boogie man
20 John Lee Hooker: My Baby Left Me
21 Johnny Wright: I stayed down
22 Johnny Wright: I was in St. Louis
23 Kid Thomas: Jivin Mess Tk 1
24 Kid Thomas: Jivin Mess Tk 2
25 Kid Thomas: The Wolf Pack Tk 10

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