Ginkgo: Manopause - Ibid Recor IBIDLP 04 - (Vinyl / Pop (V
Ginkgo: Manopause - Ibid Recor IBIDLP 04 - (Vinyl / Pop (Vinyl))

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Product Information Ginkgo is the new project from Tapes n Tapes singer and songwriter, Josh Grier. Manopause, Ginkgo s debut record, was written, recorded, produced, and played by Grier. Jeremy Hanson, Tapes n Tapes drummer, adds live and programmed drums. "Manopause was 33 years in the making. The first 31 years I spent in preproduction. The last two years I spent writing, recording, playing, in solitude, in a basement, on a lake, unemployed, at home, with friends, feeling old and straight wingin it," says Grier. "Manopause is a musical time capsule to my future self, so I remember to chill out, enjoy life, and let my freak flag fly." While the subject matter may be deep and introspective, Manopause moves with an upbeat, visceral energy. It bounces from the futuristic and fiery, ear glue of "Faded Glory" to the driving, fist pumping, heart break of "Ride It Out". "Moped Song" is breezy like a summer day, while "Bitte Meddler" floats freely until finally exploding in anthemic slop. Grier s introduction to the world was in 2005 with Tapes n Tapes critically acclaimed debut The Loon, which would eventually be re-released by XL Recordings in 2006. With Tapes n Tapes he has also released the Dave Fridmann produced Walk It Off, and 2011 s Outside, mixed by Peter Katis. Grier and his band reside in Minneapolis, MN.

Disc 1
1 Moped Song
2 Line Dancing With The Stars
3 Faded Glory
4 Rubberheart
5 Bitte Meddler
6 Ride It Out
7 Casiotones
8 You Big Dumby
9 Runnin And Burnin
10 Vitamin Friends

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