Los Straitjackets: Twist Party (CD + DVD) - Yep Roc YEPCD
Los Straitjackets: Twist Party (CD + DVD) - Yep Roc YEPCD 2119 - (Musik / Titel: H-Z)

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Twist Party (CD + DVD)

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Take one part masked guitar mayhem, a trio of toe-tapping triplets from Trenton (well, just sisters, actually), and a hip-swiveling, bespectacled Scotsman and you have in your hands an instant party! While Los Straitjackets, The World Famous Pontani Sisters and Kaiser George have been dazzling audiences with their spectacular nightclub acts The Christmas Pageant and The Twist Party for the past few years, this is your first opportunity to take the magic home with you. On the Twist Party CD, there are 16 rockin tunes-each with its own dance step: 13 original songs and 3 fabulous covers, including the perennial favorite "The Peppermint Twist." On the accompanying DVD, the Pontani Sisters teach you how to warm up, cool down and rock out to "The Kitty Kat" and "The Daddy-O" with step-by-step dance instruction. As a bonus, there are two music videos for "Secret Laboratory" (a / k/a The Mad ScienTwist) and "Twistin Gorilla." Even if you are the proud owner of two left feet, this spectacular package should set you on the right track.

Disc 1
1 Twist Party
2 Twistin Gorilla
3 Hypno-Twist
4 Twistin Out In Space
5 Kitty Kat
6 Foot Stomp
7 Twist n Grind
9 On Tap
10 Daddy-O
11 Domino Twist
12 Mad Scientwist
13 Chocolate Shake
14 Twistin In The Rain
15 All Back To Dracs
16 Peppermint Twist

Disc 2
1 Bonus Material (Dvd)

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