Nico Wayne Toussaint: Transatlantic - Live - Dixie Frog DF
Nico Wayne Toussaint: Transatlantic - Live - Dixie Frog DFG 8581 - (AudioCDs / Sonstiges)

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Transatlantic - Live

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A double live album recorded in America and in France. Nico Wayne Toussaint is constantly touring From Europe to USA and really respected for his impressive live performances. He s considered by a lot of european blues magazines as one of the best european blues singer and harmonica player. This double album includes originals and covers but always recorded with his very personal touch and his energetic temper.

Disc 1
1 What a Woman
2 Cant You Tell
3 I Cant Stop Playing the Blues
4 Nineteen Years Old
5 I Want More
6 Mercy Mercy Mercy
7 Mighty Crazy
8 No Sweat
9 Introduction
10 When the Bobcat Play
11 Close to You
12 Wang Dang Doodle
13 Shake Your Hips

Disc 2
1 What a woman
2 Can´t you tell
3 I can´t stop playung the blues
4 Nineteen years old
5 I want more
6 Mercy mercy mercy
7 Mighty crazy
8 No sweat
9 Introduction
10 When the bobcat play
11 Close to you
12 Wang dang doodle
13 Shake your hips
14 Blow wind blow
15 Blues in my sleep
16 Any time you want
17 Barbara
18 Introduction
19 R.J.´s shuffle
20 Love me or leave me
21 You don´t have to go
22 The same thing
23 Midnight creeper
24 Give me a kiss baby
25 Introduction
26 Walking down college street
27 Mighty long time

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