Ray Price: The Original Outlaw: The Early Albums Collectio
Ray Price: The Original Outlaw: The Early Albums Collection + Bonus Hits - Jasmine JASMCD 3672 - (Musik / Titel: H-Z)

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Ray Price: The Original Outlaw: The Early Albums Collection + Bonus Hits

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Price,Ray-Original Outlaw

Disc 1
1 I love you because
2 Let me talk to you
3 Blues stay away from me
4 Many tears ago
5 Letters have no arms
6 Faded love
7 Remember me
8 I saw my castles fall today
9 Ill sail my ship alone
10 I cant help it
11 Mansion on the hill
12 Pins and needles
13 Talk to your heart (1958 version)
14 Ill keep on loving you
15 I love you so much
16 I told you so
17 Wondering
18 Deep water
19 Ice cold heart
20 I gotta have my baby back
21 Therell be no teardrops tonight
22 Im tired
23 Driftwood on the river
24 Please dont leave me
25 Crazy arms
26 You done me wrong
27 City lights
28 Invitation to the blues
29 Ive got a new heartache
30 Wholl be the first

Disc 2
1 Heartaches by the number
2 Same old me
3 Release me
4 One more time
5 My shoes keep walking back to you
6 Ill be there (when you get lonely)
7 San antonio rose
8 A maidens prayer
9 My confession
10 Whose heart are you breaking now
11 Roly poly
12 Bubbles in my beer
13 Home in san antone
14 You dont love me
15 You dont care what happens to me
16 Time changes everything
17 The kind of love I cant forget
18 BONUS TRACKS:Talk to your heart (1952 version)
19 Dont let the stars get in your eyes
20 Ill be there if you ever want me
21 If you dont somebody else will
22 Run boy
23 Wasted words
24 Curtain in the window
25 Thats what its like to be lonesome
26 Under your spell again
27 I wish I could fall in love today
28 I wish I could fall in love today - bonus track

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