The Platters: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Jasmine JASCD 820
The Platters: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Jasmine JASCD 820 - (Musik / Titel: H-Z)

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The Platters: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

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Platters,The-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Disc 1
1 Prisoner of love
2 Smoke gets in your eyes
3 Somebody loves me
4 If I didnt care
5 Thanks dor the memory
6 A-tisket a tasket
7 Love in bloom
8 Ill never smile again
9 I cant get started
10 My blue Heaven
11 Until the real thing comes along
12 Remember when
13 Ebb Tide
14 Moonlight on the Colorado
15 Harbor lights
16 Lazy river
17 Sad river
18 On a slow boat to China
19 Red sails in the sunset
20 Down the river of golden dreams
21 Sleepy lagoon
22 Rainbow on the river
23 Reflections in the water
24 By the river Sainte Marie
25 Trees
26 Tumbling tumbleweeds
27 Lullaby of the leaves
28 Honeysuckle rose
29 Jeannine (I dream of lilac time)

Disc 2
1 When you wore a tulip (and I wore a big red rose)
2 Ill be with you in apple blossom time
3 Whispering grass (dont tell the trees)
4 Life is just a bowl of cherries
5 A little white gardenia
6 Orchids in the moonlight
7 Roses of picardy
8 Summertime
9 People will say were in love
10 More than you know
11 Sometimes Im happy
12 Embraceable you
13 But not for me
14 Stormy weather
15 Every little movement
16 That old black magic
17 Poor butterfly
18 My heart belongs to daddy
19 September song
20 Its magic
21 Its love, love, love
22 Youll never know
23 Love is
24 All the things you are
25 Love is just around the corner
26 Song for the lonely
27 True lover
28 How will I know
29 Immortal love
30 Reaching for a star
31 Keep me in love

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