Turpentine Brothers: We Dont Care About Your Good Times -
Turpentine Brothers: We Dont Care About Your Good Times - Alive Reco ALIVECD 0059 - (AudioCDs / Sonstiges)

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We Dont Care About Your Good Times

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Boston garage / punk / dirtbag R&B dynamos the Turpentine Brothers have fi nally recorded their debut album, a high energy 12 songster seemingly equally inspired by the OBLIVIANS gospel album, thrift store 45s bearing the Fortune, Stax, and Etiquette imprints, and the fractured guitar freakouts of their longtime faves the CHEATER SLICKS. The band, long a staple at clubs and parties where people beg for encores by breaking bottles at their feet, consists of Justin Hubbard on guitar and vocals, Tara McManus on drums, and Zack Brines on a vaguely Quintron-esque organ / bass / keyboards set-up played through Leslie speakers bigger than Oprah. Although Justin and Tara began as a raw two-piece playing primal HASIL ADKINS and BILLY THE KID EMERSON covers as a way to scam free drinks off of club owners in between stints with their primary outfi ts the KINGS OF NUTHIN and MR. AIRPLANE MAN, the current incarnation of the group only took shape when Zack joined them opening for the REIGNING SOUND a couple of years ago. Since then, Justin has gone on a songwriting rampage and the Turpentine Brothers have started cranking out loud, idiosyncratic originals like the present album s brooding "Why Can t I Do" and high octane "We Don t Care About Your Good Times" - one of the most punk "soul songs" yet to be covered by the likes of Andre Williams or the DIRTBOMBS. The Turpentine Brothers are planning a national tour to back up their record and continue to regularly gig around some of the more unsavory East Coa...

Disc 1
1 People are talkin
2 Somethins not right
3 Why cant I do
4 Fool for you
5 Wrong night
6 I wanna be close
7 Wastin time
8 All the same
9 Pow wow
10 Loves gone bad
11 One man
12 We dont care about your good times

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Produktionsjahr: 2005
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Interpret: Turpentine Brothers
Format: CompactDisc
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