Various Artists: A Night At The Music-99Tr - JSP JSP 1903
Various Artists: A Night At The Music-99Tr - JSP JSP 1903 - (AudioCDs / Sonstiges)

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Various Artists: A Night At The Music-99Tr

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Various-A Night At The Music Hall

Disc 1
1 Harry Champion: Never let your braces dangle
2 Clarice Mayne: Joshua
3 George Bastow: Captain Gingah O T
4 George Sr. Formby: The grandfathers clock
5 Harry Champion: A little bit of cucumber
6 Marie Lloyd: Revue
7 Ada Reeve: Foolish question
8 Harry Fragson: Other department, please
9 Mark Sheridan: Old bull and push (Parody)
10 Vesta Victoria: Now I have to call him father
11 Gus Elen: Its a great big shame
12 Gus Elen: If it wasnt for the ouses in between
13 Marie Lloyd: Thats how this little girl got on
14 Alec Hurley: Arry, arry, arry
15 Herbert Campbell: Up I came with my little lot
16 Madie Scott: The bird on Nellies hat
17 Mark Sheridan: We all marching home again
18 Harry Champion: You dont want to keep on showing it
19 Florrie Forde: Oh, oh, Antonio
20 Marie Lloyd: The coster girl in Paris
21 Harry Champion: Ginger youre barmy!
22 George Robey: Bang went the chance of a lifetime
23 Sam Mayo: Bread and marmelade
24 Bransby Williams: The green eye of the little yellow god

Disc 2
1 Harry Champion: Im Henry the eighth
2 Harry Champion: Cover it over quick, Jemima
3 Vesta Tilley: The girls I left behind me
4 Vesta Tilley: Ill show you round Paree
5 Mark Sheridan: I wanted a wife
6 Mark Sheridan: One of the boys
7 Eugene Stratton: I may be a millionaire
8 George Sr. Formby: Send for John Willie
9 George Sr. Formby: Playing the game in the west
10 Ella Retford: Theyre all singel at the seaside
11 Ella Retford: Molly Molloy
12 Charles Whittle: We all go the same way home
13 Charles Whittle: Play us another before you go
14 Gus Elen: The golden dustman
15 Gus Elen: Mrs Carter
16 Louis Bradfield: The first cigar
17 Henry Lytton: When I marry Amelia
18 Florrie Forde: Anona
19 George Lashwood: Riding on top a car
20 Gus Elen: Me-riah
21 Gus Elen: Arf a pint of ale
22 Gus Elen: The pavement artist
23 George Sr. Formby: Twice nightly
24 George Sr. Formby: Looking for mugs in a strand
25 George Sr. Formby: All of a sudden it stuck me

Disc 3
1 Gus Elen: The publican
2 Gus Elen: The costers pony
3 Lillie Langtry: On the margate boat
4 Herbert Campbell: No show tonight
5 Vesta Victoria: Riding on a motor car
6 Gus Elen: Dick Whittington (Parody)
7 Gus Elne: Natures made a big mistake
8 Alf Gibson: Ive got to get back to work
9 George Lashwood: Oh blow the scenery on the railway
10 Vesta Victoria: It aint all honey and it aint all jam
11 Gus Elen: Dont stop my alf a pint o beer
12 Gus Elen: Im going to settle down
13 Gus Elen: Pretty little villa down at barking
14 George Sr. Formby: John Willies ragtime band
15 George Sr. Formby: John Willies jazz band
16 Harry Weldon: Sleuthy dread of the heads
17 Beth Tate: Billy
18 Marie Lloyd: Womans opinion of man
19 Ella Retford: Molly OMorgan
20 Mark Sheridan: Beside the seaside
21 Julia McKay: In the good old summer time
22 Gertie Gitana: Silver bell
23 Harry Champion: Medley
24 Harry Champion: Im Henry the eighth
25 Harry Champion: Cover it over quick, Jemima
26 Harry Champion: The end of my old cigar
27 Harry Champion: The old red lion
28 Harry Champion: The best that money can buy
29 Harry Champion: Boiled beef and carrots
30 Sam Mayo: The trumpet song

Disc 4
1 Gus Elen: Wait till the work comes round
3 Eugene Stratton: Little Dolly daydream
4 Gus Elen: Never introduce your donah to a pal
5 Harry Champion: Wotcher my old brown son
6 Mark Sheridan: Who were you with last night
7 Florrie Forde: Down at the old bull and bush
8 Harry Fragson: Hello, hello, whos your lady friend
9 Marie Lloyd: A little of what you fancy
10 Vesta Tilley: Jolly good luck to the girl who loves a soldier
11 Ella Shields: Burlington Bertie from Bow
12 Gertie Gitana: Nellie Dean
13 Marie Lloyd: Every little movement
14 Eugene Stratton: Lily of laguna
15 Albert Whelan: The whistling bowery boy
17 Marie Lloyd: When I took my morning promenade
18 George Robey: Archibald, certainly not
19 Billy Williams: When father papered the parlour
20 Florrie Forde: Hold your hand out you naughty boy
22 Harry Champion: Im getting ready for my mother-in-law
23 Gus Elen: Down the road
24 Harry Champion: Boiled beef and carrots
25 Belle Davis: The honeysuckle and the bee
26 Lil Hawthorne: Ill be your sweetheart

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